Salary negotiation

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How to include your PhD in your CV

There are a couple of ways to go about writing your PhD on your CV. Every circumstance varies between jobseeker and no CV will ever look the same. Find out the different ways of listing your doctoral degree on a CV and the advantages of having a PhD in the working world.

How to tailor your CV to different jobs

Finding a job can be a tiresome task and one that also consumes a lot of our time. While it might seem easier or more strategic to send the same CV to all recruiters and companies, it is actually where you are probably going wrong. Tailor your CV to the job, send off one or two job applications and you might find that you have more luck.

How to decide on a job offer?

Receiving, accepting and rejecting job offers is a different process for every individual and should be thought through carefully. It’s fine to take time to decide on a job offer, but how much time is appropriate and can you extend a job offer deadline?

How to start a cover letter

Should you need to write a cover letter for a job, it’s imperative that you know how to start a cover letter and set off on the right foot. This blog guides jobseekers and advises them on how to start a cover letter, as well as other cover letter writing tips and advice.

How to end a cover letter

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How far back should a CV go?

Is it necessary to list all your work experience on a CV or should you leave out certain work experience? Read up on listing CV experience and how much employment history to include on your CV.