What is job shadowing and how can it help your career?

Job shadowing is a way of learning more about a particular profession, receiving basic training in a new job or simply becoming more familiar with a job. Read more about job shadowing advantages and disadvantages and frequently asked questions regarding job shadowing.

How to decline a job offer

Maintaining good relations with employers, companies and keeping your professional network open is advantageous for the progression of your career. You might not be interested in a job with a particular company but at any given moment things can change or you can go on to work with co-workers or partners from the same network. Learn how to decline a job offer professionally.

CV file name

It might seem a no-brainer but naming your CV file is something that jobseekers often overlook when it comes to applying for a job. Your CV file name is the first thing that recruiters see before clicking to open your CV, so you should make sure it represents you well!

Your CV for a PhD application

Applying for a doctoral degree with an academic CV is required to highlight your knowledge, qualifications and abilities. Learn how to apply for a PhD with an academic CV and create the best PhD application for your doctoral degree,

How to accept a job offer

When a job offer is handed to you, it’s tempting to pounce on the opportunity without hesitation. But this is not always the best course of action. And, as with the rest of the recruitment process, there are accepted formal steps for accepting a job offer. Read more about how to accept a job offer.

Salary negotiation

One of the most daunting topics to do with getting a job, a promotion or improving your work conditions is salary negotiation. While it can […]

How to include your PhD in your CV

There are a couple of ways to go about writing your PhD on your CV. Every circumstance varies between jobseeker and no CV will ever look the same. Find out the different ways of listing your doctoral degree on a CV and the advantages of having a PhD in the working world.

How to tailor your CV to different jobs

Finding a job can be a tiresome task and one that also consumes a lot of our time. While it might seem easier or more strategic to send the same CV to all recruiters and companies, it is actually where you are probably going wrong. Tailor your CV to the job, send off one or two job applications and you might find that you have more luck.