How to address a cover letter or CV

It’s not unusual to wonder how to address a cover letter or CV when applying for a job in the UK. These days it’s frequent […]

Interpersonal skills

What are interpersonal skills and how can you give examples of interpersonal skills on your CV? Read all you need to know about this popular type of skill in professional environments and learn how to improve interpersonal skills.

Transferable skills

Transferable skills are a popular type of skill to mention when it comes to CV writing, job applications and recruitment. Listing your skills on a […]

Sending a CV: PDF or Word?

One of the most commonly asked questions in the world of CV writing and sending is whether to send a CV in PDF or Word […]

Transform your CV: professional CV colours

What kinds of colours should you use for your CV and are there any colours that you should avoid when designing a CV? Read up on colours and meanings before learning about the best colours for a CV!

Personal details you should/shouldn’t include on your CV

If you’re asking yourself what personal details should be on my CV or wondering about CV details format, you’ve come to the right place. Read about what to include in your personal information on a CV and how to list the necessary information.

What is read first; CV or cover letter?

Should you send a cover letter or a CV, or both? Sending a job application is different every time. Employers may ask for different types […]

What is job shadowing and how can it help your career?

Job shadowing is a way of learning more about a particular profession, receiving basic training in a new job or simply becoming more familiar with a job. Read more about job shadowing advantages and disadvantages and frequently asked questions regarding job shadowing.

How to decline a job offer

Maintaining good relations with employers, companies and keeping your professional network open is advantageous for the progression of your career. You might not be interested in a job with a particular company but at any given moment things can change or you can go on to work with co-workers or partners from the same network. Learn how to decline a job offer professionally.

CV file name

It might seem a no-brainer but naming your CV file is something that jobseekers often overlook when it comes to applying for a job. Your CV file name is the first thing that recruiters see before clicking to open your CV, so you should make sure it represents you well!