CV photo advice: to add or not to add?

Presenting yourself correctly on a CV is a key element of getting through to the next stage of the job application process. Should applicants include a professional profile photo on their CV or is it better to leave it for LinkedIn? Read more about whether or not to include a photo in your CV.

The best fonts for your CV

It might seem like a tiny detail but the choice of CV font size and style all contribute to the presentation of your CV. Recruiters […]

The common mistakes to avoid when writing a CV

If you’re wondering why your CV might not be as effective as you thought or your job applications aren’t as successful, the chances are you could be making common CV mistakes which can be easily solved. Find out which CV mistakes should be avoided in order to create a successful and error-free CV.

How to start a CV

The beginning of your CV is crucial when it comes to making a good impression on recruiters. Recruiters don’t spend long scanning CVs, so it’s essential to capture their attention with a good start to your CV. Read about how to start an effective CV here.

Teamwork skills for your CV

Teamwork skills are some of the most important and influential skills you can list on a CV which demonstrate your capability of the job role. Make sure you are listing the necessary skills on your CV in order to impress recruiters.

How to write a one-page CV

A question often asked by jobseekers looking to create the perfect CV is how long should a CV be? Is a one-page CV effective enough or does it make you look unqualified? Read about why writing a one-page CV can be the answer to creating an effective and capturing CV.

Which parts of my education should I include on my CV?

Choosing which parts of your education to list can be challenging and leave you with little space for other sections or details of the CV. So which qualifications and educational certificates are worth listing and significant to prospective employers?

How do I make a good CV for an internship?

Creating a flawless internship CV is the ultimate way to get that spot on the summer internship programme you have your eyes on. So what exactly is it that recruiters look for and how can you create the perfect internship CV?

Writing your first CV

Everyone has a CV, but how should you write your own? Advice on writing your first CV for school-leavers and uni graduates, as well as general tips on how to write a CV.