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This section of our blog tackles career changes, advice, doubts and tips which you can use to help you in any stage of your career.
Are you happy with your career choice? Are you looking to change it but not sure to what? Do you love your job but feel that something is missing? These are all questions asked by everyone at some stage in their career. Our professional career advice helps you to decide which steps to take to get to where you want to be, or how to deal with other professional topics raised frequently amongst jobseekers.

How to decline a job offer

how to decline a job offer

Maintaining good relations with employers, companies and keeping your professional network open is advantageous for the progression of your career. You might not be interested in a job with a particular company but at any given moment things can change or you can go on to work with co-workers or partners from the same network. Learn how to decline a job offer professionally.

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How to accept a job offer

how-to-accept-a job-offer

When a job offer is handed to you, it’s tempting to pounce on the opportunity without hesitation. But this is not always the best course of action. And, as with the rest of the recruitment process, there are accepted formal steps for accepting a job offer. Read more about how to accept a job offer.

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Salary negotiation

salary negotiation

One of the most daunting topics to do with getting a job, a promotion or improving your work conditions is salary negotiation. While it can […]

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How to decide on a job offer?

how to decide on a job offer

Receiving, accepting and rejecting job offers is a different process for every individual and should be thought through carefully. It’s fine to take time to decide on a job offer, but how much time is appropriate and can you extend a job offer deadline?

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