The following Policy of Cookies is for  the company that administers and manages the web, hereinafter referred to as the Web, wherein can be found the definition, and explanation of the use and acceptance of cookies. Through use of the Web, certain data can be transferred and the following Policy is available to ensure that our Users are informed about how it is used and how to opt-out of using cookies as well as what it means to block cookies.

What are Cookies?

Using the Web will generate ‘cookies’, which are defined as small files or fragments of information, stored on the hard disk of the User’s computer, that can be employed to improve the operations of the Website in consecutive visits and offer a more valuable service to the User.

When accessing the Web, cookies collect information such as browsing habits, preferences and equipment used. This data may be stored and later retrieved to facilitate the use of the Web.

This information is compiled only whilst the User has a session open on the Web. This “session cookie” activity holds a minimum memory space on the User’s browser and is not harmful to the device.

Cookies are commonly established as default by most browsers. The Web will not link any personal details introduced through use of the Web with the cookies of memorised data without the User’s express permission.

Online-CV’s Use of Cookies

There are various different types of Cookies that are employed by the Web. The following explains the use of each category of cookie for the Web.

Technical Cookies

Files that allow the User to navigate the Web or application by memorising registration details to access restricted areas of the Web, information presented in previous sessions, sharing content, accessing via social networks, etc.

Personalization Cookies

Files that set predefined characteristics derived through different criteria such as regional settings or use of a preferred language on a User’s browser.

Analytical and Third-Party Cookies

Files used either by the Web or by third parties, such as Google Analytics – a main third party service with its base in the USA that collect data which is processed and stored by them. These first or third-party cookie files compile statistics regarding the amount of visitors to the Web, measuring user response and behaviour, that permit us to analyse the quality of our products and services.

Behavioural and Advertising Cookies

Also generated by the Web or by third-party collaborating webs, advertising cookies are files that allow for an efficient management of advertising on the Web and application. Using User behaviour data and browsing habits, an advertising profile is established for each User.

Acceptance of Cookies

The User has the possibility to prohibit the generation of cookies on their computer equipment by altering the corresponding browser settings. It is important to note that by deactivating cookies on a User’s browser, the User could lose the ability to use certain functions on the Web or applications.

By making use of the Web, the User acknowledges and agrees to the handling of his/her data as explained in this Cookies Policy. The User also understands that by disabling the use of data, they may not be able to access the full facilities of the Web.

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