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It is increasingly common these days to apply for a job with a creative CV as the world of recruitment becomes a bigger and tougher career race for many jobseekers. Job applicants who use a creative curriculum vitae may be looking to grabs recruiters’ attention or catch them off guard entirely with a CV so creative that it’s not even recognisable as a CV at first. You can also use creative CVs to demonstrate your artistic skills and give examples of your work.

Creative CVs are on the rise and can be used in multiple circumstances. While most jobseekers are recommended to write a standard CV when applying for a job, there are several industries which receive creative CVs on a daily basis and accept them as a standard form of CV. Talent-related professionals who work in the design industry or other relevant sectors may seek to employ the use of a well-designed CV more than other jobseekers.

When we talk about this kind of CVs, we refer mainly to a traditional CV which has been altered in a way that changes certain components, such as a different design preference or style. Perhaps the CV content remains the same, but the standard CV template we are used to viewing is no longer visible. In addition, creative curriculums vitae and job applications can exist in other formats than those of a standard A4 piece of paper.

The various types of creative CV have no artistic limit and instead, depend entirely on the individual. A CV could be used to demonstrate creative talent for a job that requires artistic intelligence, or instead, it can be used to attract hiring managers and highlight individuality.

The range of styles, designs andcolours used on a creative CV are extensive and depend on the type of job application a jobseeker wishes to create. With so many applying for one job post, catching recruiter’s attention with a creative curriculum is a popular technique for eager jobseekers who want to get their foot in the door and be noticed.

Learn more about the characteristics of a creative CV and the components which you can change when designing your own creative CV or looking at different job application approaches.

Creative CV characteristics

Aspects such as design, style, colours, CV layout, font and size all come into the equation when considering creative CV characteristics and the aspects of a creative CV which makes it unique.

For various reasons, job seekers will choose different creative curriculum characteristics to suit their personal needs and the job application. The following section will look at differentiating components of a these.


The overall design of your creative CV should suit both your personality and the type of job for which you are applying. Furthermore, the individual should take into account the company style and whether their creative CV fits the company image, style and personality.

To generate ideas and CV design inspiration, you can view creative CV templates or even use our OnlineCV builder to write your creative CV with our professionally designed templates.

Individuals should consider the overall impact of their design and the creative CV with which they plan to present recruiters.


The style of your creative curriculum vitae encapsulates more than just the visual style. Jobseekers should also think about the writing style and pay attention to detail in terms of creativity.

For example, a writer may choose to leave the standard CV format and instead, alter the CV content to a creative writing style which reflects their own writing style. This is a smart technique which exposes recruiters to your talent.

Remember: a creative CV doesn’t have to be covered in glitter or decorated with fluorescent colours in order to be classed as creative.


The layout of your creative CV should be taken into consideration as jobseekers may deem it necessary to maintain the traditional layout of a job application. This could be due to the type of job, the professional values of the company or a choice made by the jobseeker in a bid to play it safe.

It is recommended that unless you know the company well or have researched them well, you stick to the standard layout of a CV which will enable recruiters to scan your CV efficiently.

Maintaining a traditional CV layout doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little imagination to your CV. You can create your own CV and incorporate a standard CV layout in your artistic CV design, or consider other imaginative factors.

In the case that you are certain that you have artistic flexibility and that it will bode well with your job application, you can think about an entirely new design or a type of creative CV that suits your personal profile and the job for which you are applying.

CV font

The font of a CV is not usually a variable factor and is probably an aspect that is fairly set in stone when it comes to CV writing. This is mainly due to the fact that recruiters needs to be able to read your CV fluidly and not get caught up trying to decode the funky font your have picked out for yourself.

There are cases, of course, in which a more alternative font may be useful or beneficial to jobseekers. For instance, in the case of being a graphic designer who specialises in font. One of the main reasons creative CVs work so well is because they usually highlight an aspect or characteristic of the jobseeker where they are skilled. Creative CVs enable artistic jobseekers to showcase their work, skills and creativity.

Don’t forget to maintain the font size at a standard size. It’s not worth compromising your creative CV design by writing all of your CV content in font size 8. The design might impress recruiters, but they won’t be able to read your CV properly or refer to it quickly in an interview.

CV size and length

Usually, a CV is approximately 1-2 A4 pages. It is advised that a creative CV also follows this standard CV norm.

The standard size of a CV is usually A4 and should also be maintained unless you deem it appropriate to differ from the norms of CV writing and job applications. Nowadays, these CV elements have become more flexible.

Other characteristics

Other characteristics of this kind of CV can also include other components than those mentioned above. CVs or job applications which are a way of applying for a job without sending an actual CV are inventive ways of attracting attention and getting your foot in the door.

For example, a baker applying to work at a bakery may send an inventive cake with each slice detailing a part of a CV, such as education, work experience, contact details etc.

These types of creative CVs and job application are increasing due to the originality and success that they can have when applying for a job.


Personalising your CV by presenting it in a different way can help jobseekers get noticed or stand out from the crowd. Some individuals find that delivering their CV in person can help, as the hiring manager will put a face to the name. There are some other ways of thinking about delivering or sending your creative curriculum vitae:

  • Email
  • In person
  • Post
  • USB/CD/video

Types of creative CV

There are many different types of creative CV which jobseekers can employ to create the perfect CV for their job application.

Here is a list of types of creative CVs that you can use to think about ways in which you could apply for a job:

  • Creatively designed CV
  • CV with standard CV template but with a different writing style
  • An object which is not a piece of paper but contains elements of a CV

Advantages of using this curriculum layout

There are many advantages of designing and sending a creative CV for job applications.

Not only can a creative CV make you stand out from the crowd, but you can also exhibit your design skills and enable recruiters to understand more about your personality.

Perhaps if you tailor and personalise your CV to fit the company image, you can demonstrate how fitting your personal profile is for a job position at the company, as well. A creative CV gives recruiters insight into your capability and skills and can also reflect your understanding of the job or company through your well-designed CV.

Extra advantages

  • It shows motivation and enthusiasm
  • Taking the time to design your own CV means that you have given your job application extra thought

Mistakes to avoid with a creative CV

Be careful when creating your own CV or taking a more imaginative approach to your job application. Consider the following points before deciding on the type of creative CV you would like to make:

  • Analyse the company and job post correctly in order to enable the correct design and presentation of your CV to function perfectly. The more research you do on the company, their design style, writing register and company values, the better you will be able to tailor your creative CV specifically for the job listing and the company.
  • Don’t go overboard unless you are sure about it. It is always better to play it safe than to make mistakes or go over the top.
  • Decide whether it would be better to send a standard CV with a more traditional layout and contents.
  • Consult our common mistakes on a CV blog post for more CV writing tips.

Creative CV templates

Sometimes it can be difficult to visualise the type of CV that you want to create. Using creative CV templates to help structure your CV is a helpful tool for writing your CV.

You can also view creative CV templates for inspiration and CV creation help. They can give you an idea of the types of CV that are accepted and you can also investigate creative curriculum vitae templates which are designed specifically for certain industries or job positions.

Starting your CV with a creative CV template is a good way to begin the thought flow of writing a CV. Once you delve into the creation and your own pool of imagination, you can start generating your own ideas or perhaps decide to change your CV entirely.

For indecisive jobseekers, CV builders such as our OnlineCV maker enables users to create as many CVs as they please and save the necessary CV content. This means you can swap CV templates and try out our creative CV templates until you feel that you have found the perfect CV template.

Last modified on 15 October 2020

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