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Your CV is the key document that gets your foot in the door with recruiters, possible interviews and eventually lands you your dream job. It needs to be perfect! Can’t get started or need some help with action verbs, powerful vocabulary and tips specific to your job industry? Browse through our UK CV examples to get some insight on how to write your own CV. Search for the job you’re applying for and use our professional CV examples as a guide that will help you write the best version of you.

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Sending a generic CV without tailoring your CV to the job description or highlighting your most impressive factors is where most people go wrong when applying for jobs. Finding a job can be a boring process and it can sometimes feel neverending, too. As a consequence of the gruelling job search, jobseekers often send the same CV everywhere. Use our professional CV examples to revamp your CV and give it a special touch with specialised vocabulary and industry-specific tips.

After getting plenty of ideas from our professional CV examples, you can use our online CV builder to transform your professional profile into a presentable CV that catches recruiters’ attention and makes a good first impression.

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Inspire your CV creation with an HR-approved CV example that demonstrates the use of industry-specific jargon, action verbs and gives expert tips on jobseeking for your field of work. Create an original CV that highlights your skills and knowledge thanks to our pointers and CV writing advice.

OnlineCV offers jobseekers multiple services to aid the job hunt. Our online CV builder is our most popular tool and also offers the possibility of creating a cover letter, too. Learn how to use our CV builder to the max with these 3 simple steps:

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The 10 most popular CV examples

Just like how no job will ever be the same, no CV will ever be the same. Personalise each job application to focus on the required and desires skills for the job and make your CV unique. When writing your CV, browse through our most popular CV examples to understand the distinct skills and experience required for certain job posts.

Professional CV examples enable individuals to develop their potential for CV writing and write their best professional profile through understanding the variety of content and optimised sections that a CV can include.

The following CV examples for UK job markets are our most searched-for CV examples and could help give you an idea of the type of CV you want to write yourself. Take a look and get some ideas for your own CV!

CV sample writing guide by industry

We’ve prepared the best CV examples for you so that you can save time stressing over what your CV should look like or say. Search for your profession and read up on how to write a CV specifically for your field of work, using the examples of a good CV to create the ultimate job application.

All sectors and job roles value skills, experience or training in different ways, which is why it’s important to understand how to emphasise the right areas of your CV to create a powerful professional profile that will make recruiters want to pick up the phone to call you!

Convince recruiters of your specialised knowledge thanks to our CV sample writing guides by industry and learn how to talk about your field of work in a professional and dynamic manner.


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