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Driver CV Tips and Ideas

Entering a particular work field can make writing a CV difficult for the first time, although writing your CV as the years go by might seem simple, it can actually seem just as straining. Read our driver CV tips and ideas to help you write a CV for the first time or renovate your old CV and create a new professional image for yourself.

Top Tips

  • Think carefully about font type, font size, margins and CV layout
  • Decide which type of CV is better for professional profile: chronological, skills-based or combination CV
  • Use an online CV builder to avoid spending so much time on the design
  • Use CV templates to facilitate the design work!




  • Personal details
  • Work experience
  • Skills


  • Languages
  • Qualifications
  • Education
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies & interests
  • References
CV Length

1-2 A4 pages


Format your CV clearly, yet tastefully so that it is visually appealing and easy-to-read. When choosing your CV layout, think about your most influential attributes and professional knowledge or skills that make you a star candidate. For example, if you have lots of experience driving professionally, it would be ideal to list your work experience first.

What kinds of aspects should you take into consideration when formatting your driver CV?

  • Font type and font size
  • Margins
  • CV layout

If you’ve got questions about the design of your driver CV as opposed to the format, scroll down to read more about CV design.

Font type and font size are both important factors of formatting your CV. Choose a standard font to use and make sure that it is legible. It might seem a good idea to make the font smaller in order to fit in more on your CV, but it is really not worth it if it means that your CV is difficult to read!

A good tip for checking whether your font is legible and at a good size is to print out your CV to check it (this is also handy for proofreading your CV!). If you cannot read your CV properly, consider bumping up your font size. It depends on the type of font you choose but a rough font size guide is from 10-12.

Margins and CV layout should be considered carefully when writing your driver CV: These two aspects of a CV go hand in hand with CV design, such as the possibility of choosing a template to help with the formatting of your CV.

Other aspects of CV format to consider are whether you wish to write a chronological, skills-based or combination CV.

A chronological CV is useful for presenting your work experience in a reverse chronological order that reflects your progressive career. Whereas, a skills-based CV focuses more on attributes, characteristics and skills and how the jobseeker can use them to perform the tasks required for the job. Combination CVs incorporate both a reverse chronological order work experience at the same time as drawing attention to job-specific skills and specialised knowledge.


The best way to design a CV is by using an online CV maker and letting the CV builder do all the work for you! Simply pick a professionally-designed template and get straight to writing.


Putting a professional headshot on your CV in a CV custom in some countries around the world, although in the U.K. this has not been adopted. You don’t need to include a photo in your driver CV.

Sections of a Driver CV

Which sections should you include in your driver CV? If you’re wondering whether to include a reference or mention hobbies or achievements, read up on the sections you should definitely include or consider including.

Your driver CV include should definitely include the following three sections:

  • Personal details
  • Work experience
  • Skills

Drivers who work with clients, tourism or as a form of taxi service might wish to include:

  • Languages

There are other sections of a CV that can be included in a CV, such as:

  • Qualifications
  • Education
  • Achievements
  • Languages
  • Hobbies & interests
  • References

Remember that you choose what to include in your CV. If the job description asks for job applicants to include a reference or specify and particular achievements then include these particular sections! Writing a CV is all about tailoring your job application to the particular job at hand, so do all you can to tick the boxes!

CV Length

Ideally, a CV should be 1-2 A4 pages long. You can compact your CV information into a one-page CV should you find that it makes for a more powerful professional profile presentation. It can also be a good method for cutting out unnecessary information or irrelevant details.


Driver CV Section Headings

All you need to know about writing the most important sections of a driver CV and which things to look out for, as well as what to include and specialised tips. Learn how to hone in on the most significant factors of your driver CV job application with our top CV writing tips.

Work experience

No matter what type of driving you have as work experience, list it in your work experience. If you worked as a delivery driver but would like to change your driving job, it is still important to show that you have experience in the driving industry, even if it’s not exactly the same as the job post.

If you have no driving experience and want to write a driver CV with no experience, learn how to write an entry-level CV and focus on skills and attributes which make you a possible candidate for the job.

Writing the work experience section of a CV is one of the key parts of any job application as recruiters want to find out what type of experience you have and which skills you possess that would be useful or necessary for the new job.


There are different ways of writing about your skills on a driver CV. You can opt to make a simple bullet point list or instead, state the skill and give an example of a time when you used that skill.

Whichever way you choose to list your skills on your CV, make sure that they are pertinent to the job that you are applying for and also truthful.

CV Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Use the following words and action verbs in your driver CV to give it a special touch by demonstrating your knowledge and industry-specific vocabulary.

Words to Use

  • Clients
  • Courteous
  • Customer service orientation
  • Delivery
  • Driver performance
  • Efficient
  • Hauling equipment
  • Passengers
  • Reliable
  • Safety-orientated
  • Speed control
  • Supplies
  • Time management
  • Traffic laws
  • Vehicle maintenance

Action Verbs

  • Certify
  • Collect
  • Communicate
  • Conduct
  • Deliver
  • Ensure
  • Escort
  • Load
  • Operate
  • Order
  • Organise
  • Schedule
  • Secure
  • Transport
  • Unload

Samples CV

Delivery driver:

Experienced delivery driver looking for stable work in a local area during weekdays. Courteous with customers and conscious of time management and route organisation.

  • Operated delivery service in and outside of the local area
  • Transported goods within timeframe specified
  • Organised and fill out necessary paperwork
  • Communicated using a mobile and 2-way radio
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  • 4 years
  • Skills
    Customer service orientation
  • Certification
    Licensed to drive larger vehicles

Truck driver:

Reliable goods transportation driver with over 7 years of experience and 3 years working for the same company. Comfortable transporting alone or in conjunction with other team members and/or vehicles.

  • Hauled iron to various plants and factories
  • Operated machinery to load goods
  • Abided by time management schedule on both short and long journeys
  • Was able to adjust to drive on a day shift or night shift rota
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  • 7 years
    International transport experience
  • Skills