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Highlight the right catering and hospitality skills correctly on your CV

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Professional CV example for a Waitress

Highlight the right catering and hospitality skills correctly on your CV

Waitress CV Tips and Ideas

Work with an online resume builder you can trust to give your professional career the boost it needsRead through the following topics of CV writing to gauge an idea on how to organise your CV, the type of design you should use, CV length and other important aspects of writing a waitress CV.

Top Tips


Use an online CV maker to create a well-formatted CV Consider different CV layouts to match your job profil


Traditional vs. creative?





  • Personal & contact details
  • Work experience
  • Academic background
  • Skills
  • Qualifications


  • Languages
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies & interests
  • Certificates
  • Voluntary experience
  • References
CV Length

1-2 A4 pages


CV format is vital for demonstrating your organisation and ability to recruiters, as well as being able to structure your CV in an influential way that highlights your best qualities and professional aspects.

When writing your waitress CV, think about the design and layout that suits the company. The order of your CV is vital for capturing attention; if you have relevant experience then listing your work experience before any other section is wise. However, if you recently completed training or a course, you might prefer to list your qualifications or education section before any other section.

Aspects such as the best font to use in your CV, the font size and sections of your CV should be taken into consideration carefully.

Part-time job seekers who are studying simultaneously may wish to consider the CV format of a student CV or various techniques you can use to create a strong job application.


Create a CV that is visually pleasing and you’ll be surprised as to how much more attention recruiters pay to your job application. If you can design your CV to match the style of the company, even better.

Using an online cv builder is handy for choosing CV templates and also saves you time, as well as letting you focus solely on the content of your CV. After all, it doesn’t matter how impressive your design is, you need to be able to prove why you are the right candidate for the job.

You can choose from various CV templates for your waitress CV which will help to create an appealing and interesting CV.

The design of your waitress CV can be traditional or you can modernise your CV by making it more creative. Creative CVs are becoming used more frequently with designs or templates that make individuals stand out. If you notice that the company to which you’re applying has a certain colour scheme or the website uses a particular font style, consider matching the company design with similar colours or design style.


In the UK, it is rare to need to include a photo in your CV. Job application platforms such as LinkedIn which include a personal profile will display a professional photo chosen by the user. If you are not applying for a job via an online platform, you can choose to include your LinkedIn URL or other job platform profile links on your CV.


This is a rough guide of which sections you should make your priority on your waiter/waitress CV. For example, if you know that the job description centralises on communication or foreign languages and you speak 3 languages, include a languages section and preferably list it on the first page of your CV if it has 2 pages.


Waitress CV Section Headings

Work experience

In general, a CV should be 1-2 A4 pages long. You can also opt for a short and snappy CV which compacts all the relevant and most important information in 1 A4 page. This is often a good technique, as rarely do recruiters read all the information on your 2-page CV in detail. Instead, choose the most pertinent work experience, skills and qualifications which will form a winning job application.

Work experience

Your waitress CV should be composed of various sections, such as personal details, relevant experience and skills. It is up to the jobseeker to choose which content they include in their CV, as every job application is different. However, the sections mentioned in detail below should almost always be included when applying for a job as a waitress/waiter.

Work experience

The most crucial part of writing a waitress CV is proving that you are capable of the job. Therefore, one of the most important sections of waiter/waitress CV is including a work experience section with relevant work experience in previous jobs that share similar responsibilities, abilities or skills.

Proving that you are equipped for the job by listing previous jobs with your responsibilities and duties is one of the best ways of showing that you are equipped for the job or ready to take a step up.

It might be the case that you are writing a waitress CV without experience, in which case an entry-level CV is key.

Work experience

Waitress CV skills are also a vital element of CV content. Demonstrating your skills is part of ticking off the job description checklist and proving that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Work experience

The necessary qualifications that jobseekers need for a job vary significantly. While some jobs are more skills-based, others require technical training. If you have a course or an academic certificate to do with waitressing, including this on your CV is impressive to recruiters and also shows your interest in the subject. Professional qualifications such as a food hygiene certificate or fine dining catering training prove that you are motivated to improve and learn more about the job sector.

CV Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Finding the right words to use is a key part of writing an effective CV. Powerful vocabulary that is pertinent to the field of work highlights your abilities and helps recruiters to understand your depth of knowledge and skills.

Words to Use

  • Barista
  • Fine dining
  • Service
  • Exquisite
  • Tableware
  • Exceptional
  • Silver service
  • Presentation
  • High-quality

Action Verbs

  • Action Verbs
  • Arrange
  • Assist
  • Ensure
  • Organise
  • Present
  • Serve
  • Welcome
  • Lead
  • Prepare
  • Provide
  • Train
  • Contribute
  • Manage

Samples CV

For a candidate looking to find a head waitress job:

Opening statement: Skilled waitress with 5 years of experience and training in good safety and hygiene, as well as bartending. Flexible and calm worker who is motivated by challenging tasks and constantly willing to improve service and catering management.

• Organised high-end canapé catering for the annual council charity event 3 years running
• Labelled most motivated employee of the year in 2018
• Created a new customer service system to reduce negative customer feedback
• Completed International Bartending Diploma whilst working full-time

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  • 5 Years
  • RSPH
    Level 4 in Managing Food Safety and Hygiene (Catering)
  • 2 Years
    in a previous job in the same sector
  • Diploma
    International Bartending Diploma

For a candidate looking to enter the catering job sector:

Opening statement: Food and nutrition student who is looking for a part-time waitress job to gain further knowledge in the catering sector. Dedicated to contributing as a team member and confident in self-organisation and presentation.

• Writes a weekly column in the nutrition section of Quench; Cardiff University’s award-winning student lifestyle magazine
• Engages in the impossible and always gives 100%
• Encouraged course friends to create a healthy baking and food nutrition society
• Won Baker of the Year Award at Bristol Summer Food Fair in 2017

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  • Voluntary
    Voluntary experience at annual summer food fair
  • French
    Fluent in French
  • BSc (Hons)
    BSc (Hons) Food with Nutrition Degree (in progress)
  • Ambitious
    Ambitious and motivated worker