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Use the Language Passport for job applications in Europe
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The Language Passport is a document created by Europass and is one of the five documents which composes the European Skills Passport.

You can use any Europass document to apply for a job in Europe, and be rest assured that it will be understood, recognised and present you professionally. Although, in some areas the Europass is not as frequently used as in others, it is still recognised by recruiters within Europe.

The Europass CV is a popular choice for those who wish to work abroad or move European countries, transferring or moving careers. Similarly, the Language Passport can be used to present recruiters with a clear and concise document listing your language abilities, experience abroad and other useful components which help to demonstrate your knowledge and domain in languages and culture.

This guide on the European Language Passport explains what a Language Passport is, what is is for, and how it works.

What is the European Language Passport?

Applicants can use the Europass Language Passport as a self-assessment tool, using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to assess and evaluate their language abilities and demonstrate their knowledge to recruiters.

The Language Passport uses a cv template which is standardised across Europe and easy to use. It displays every language you speak (including your mother tongue) and lists other languages you speak or have studied with accurate calculations of your varied levels of knowledge.

A benefit of the Language Passport is the way it aids individuals to demonstrate their experience abroad, qualifications they may have gained in various language, or linguistic skills and knowledge that they have.

In the U.K., languages are recognised as an important attribute that employees can bring to a company. However, the U.K. population is one of few countries in Europe that has a higher percentage of individuals who are less likely to be able to speak another language. This is advantageous for those who do, meaning a Europass Language Passport can boost your job application.

You can create a strong Language Passport using all three sections of the document:

  1. Self-assessment of language skills
  2. Certificates and diplomas
  3. Linguistic and intercultural experience

The combination of these three factors allow individuals to form a rounded presentation of each language, demonstrating their level of skill, any certificate or qualification they may have obtained, as well as time abroad or an intercultural experience which may have boosted their language. This is useful, as usually intercultural experience is not listed on a CV and can sometimes be overlooked by hiring managers.

Self-assessment of language skills

The first section of the Language Passport breaks down the knowledge of a language into understanding, speaking and writing. You can evaluate your language skills and use the CEFR (Common European Frame of Reference for Languages) to accurately label your language level. This can be advantageous if for example you are applying for a sales job with knowledge of French and your speaking is better than your writing.

Certificates and diplomas

The second section allows individuals to list any form of certificate or qualification they may have gained whilst studying the language.

Linguistic and intercultural experience

This is a beneficial section of the Language Passport which allows individuals to record any experience they may have had abroad or associated with foreign culture and language. As mentioned above, this is an advantageous component of the Language Passport, as quite often intercultural experiences are overlooked or not even presented on a CV. This is also perfect for those who might be bilingual due to their family or upbringing, yet don’t possess any professional qualifications in the language.

Anybody can create a Europass Language Passport which can be done online via a user-friendly portal.

What is the European Language Passport for?

You can use the European Language Passport to support your CV in any job application where you may find it practical. Here are some ideas of cases where attaching a Europass Language Passport with your job application may be beneficial.

Jobseekers who may find a European Language Passport useful:

  • Those moving country
  • Linguists or language professionals
  • Those who wish to boost their job application by showing extra potential and language abilities
  • Those who work in a multicultural environment
  • Foreign language graduates
  • Those who are applying for a job which requires or involves other languages

    How does the European Language Passport work?

    Creating and using the European Language Passport is easy.

    1. Use the standardised template to fill in your details and language information
    2. Download the document
    3. Attach it with your CV when applying for jobs

    Tips for writing the European Language Passport

    • Follow the layout and structure of the pre-designed template
    • Don’t change the headings as they are already established as understandable and recognisable across Europe
    • Be brief and always keep things relevant
    • You can choose to delete any Europass sections where you don’t have any information to fill in or feel is unnecessary
    • Don’t bump your grade up to make yourself look better
    • Use a standard font
    • Don’t use bold or capitals to fill in the text boxes
    • If you wish to print your Language Passport, it’s recommendable to print it on white paper
    • Reread through the document upon completion
    • Ask someone else to give it a read, as sometimes it’s easy to miss silly mistakes when you have been looking at a text for too long

    For further information, you can read more advice on writing CVs or different layout of CV, as well.
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Last modified on 13 November 2020

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