How to include your PhD in your CV

Completing your doctoral degree and getting out in the working world at long last is a rewarding feeling. There are many advantages to having a PhD and completing a full university education. Not only do you specialise in an area or field of study, but you will be recognised for your hard work and be able to bring your knowledge and skills to the table.

There are a couple of ways to go about writing your PhD on your CV. Every circumstance varies between jobseeker and no CV will ever look the same. Carry on reading to find out the different ways of listing your doctoral degree on a CV and the advantages of having a PhD in the working world.

How to list your doctoral degree on your CV

There are a few points to consider when including your PhD in your CV:

  • Do you want to prioritise your recently completed doctoral degree by listing it as the first section of your CV?
  • The description of your PhD should include any relevant points which link with the job description.
  • If you completed professional work or work experience during this time, would it be a good idea to list this work in the work experience section of your CV and list your PhD studies in the education section?

All PhD CVs will look different and should be tailored to the type of job for which you are applying.

If you are applying for a job in the same field as your field of study, it is wise to go into depth as to the subject, research and study findings/investigation.

However, if the job for which you are applying if not entirely linked to the PhD study, it may be wiser to feature your PhD in the academic background section of your CV and highlight other factors of your CV, such as the relevant work experience or skills that you have.

Recruiters always scan a CV to locate the relevant information and will be able to visualise your compatibility with the job role the more boxes you tick. While listing a PhD is a benefit to your job application, it is also necessary to analyse the job description well in order to be able to write a tailored CV to the job description.

how to include your phd in your cv

Advantages of having a PhD when applying for a job

There are many benefits of possessing a PhD when it comes to the world of work:

  • You are able to specialise in a specific area of knowledge or study
  • PhDs teach the necessary skills for finding answers and solving problems
  • They also help you adjust to failure or unpredictable results/circumstances. They make you resilient and try different techniques or theories
  • The knowledge and specialisation can lead you to be entitled to a higher salary or job position
  • Working with academics can be character building and help you to learn how to deal with criticism
  • PhD students learn to discover new findings, they don’t regurgitate information. This means that they are not worried to declare a new finding, discovery or even thought
  • Working independently and in a team are both skills which PhD students dominate

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