All about Professional Letter Writing

Writing professional letters is a key part of finding a new job. Demonstrating your skills and abilities to recruiters via a well written, professional letter can sometimes be all it takes to get you the interview.

Learn how to lay out a professional letter, how to persuade in a cover letter and dazzle recruiters with your impressive personal profile

Transferable skills

transferable skills

Transferable skills are a popular type of skill to mention when it comes to CV writing, job applications and recruitment. Listing your skills on a […]

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CV file name

cv file name

It might seem a no-brainer but naming your CV file is something that jobseekers often overlook when it comes to applying for a job. Your CV file name is the first thing that recruiters see before clicking to open your CV, so you should make sure it represents you well!

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How to start a cover letter

how to start a cover letter

Should you need to write a cover letter for a job, it’s imperative that you know how to start a cover letter and set off on the right foot. This blog guides jobseekers and advises them on how to start a cover letter, as well as other cover letter writing tips and advice.

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How to end a cover letter

how to end a cover letter

Writing cover letters for job applications can be stressful and make applicants feel under pressure when it comes to presenting themselves on paper. While it’s […]

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How far back should a CV go?

how far back should a cv go

Is it necessary to list all your work experience on a CV or should you leave out certain work experience? Read up on listing CV experience and how much employment history to include on your CV.

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CV photo advice: to add or not to add?

CV photo advice: to add or not to add

Presenting yourself correctly on a CV is a key element of getting through to the next stage of the job application process. Should applicants include a professional profile photo on their CV or is it better to leave it for LinkedIn? Read more about whether or not to include a photo in your CV.

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The best fonts for your CV

the best fonts for your cv

It might seem like a tiny detail but the choice of CV font size and style all contribute to the presentation of your CV. Recruiters […]

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The common mistakes to avoid when writing a CV

the common mistakes to avoid when writing a cv

If you’re wondering why your CV might not be as effective as you thought or your job applications aren’t as successful, the chances are you could be making common CV mistakes which can be easily solved. Find out which CV mistakes should be avoided in order to create a successful and error-free CV.

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How to start a CV

how to start a cv

The beginning of your CV is crucial when it comes to making a good impression on recruiters. Recruiters don’t spend long scanning CVs, so it’s essential to capture their attention with a good start to your CV. Read about how to start an effective CV here.

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