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If you’re looking for a wow factor or an aspect of your CV where you can shine, look no further than the achievements section on a CV. With this section, you can showcase your achievements and impress recruiters.

While listing your work history and academic background is a must, achievements can make you stand out or show recruiters why you are different from the rest. Various achievements can help recruiters to understand whether you are equipped for the job, by understanding what you have achieved.

There are a variety of achievements which individuals deem appropriate to list as an achievement on a job application. The decision lies with the jobseeker to choose which accomplishments create a strong CV profile and characterise their professional and personal background.

How to list your key achievements on your CV

Listing your key achievements is a job application technique which can give you the extra edge. However, it is important to know which key achievements to list in your cv sample.

Achievements do not include habitual responsibilities or skills which you consider professionally impressive. Instead, you should list key achievements which involve a combination of winning ingredients demonstrating capability, management and professionalism. You can list skills in a different part of your CV.

You can choose to list personal achievements if you feel that they pertain to the job listing. A good example of a personal achievement could be public speaking. Many find it difficult to speak in public and overcoming such fears can take years.

Identify your achievements for your CV

An achievement can be any personal accomplishment which you feel took great effort or had a great result. Achievements can be work achievements, such as a project which you completed at work or they can also be achievements outside of work, such as building your own freelance website.

You can choose your own achievements, as they are elements of success which form part of your life only.

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Tips for identifying your achievements

  • Compile a list of your work history and previous jobs and list achievements, projects and important responsibilities which you had. It’s important to do this but we often forget about things which seem simple now they are completed or over, yet actually took a lot of time and hard work.
  • Use the list to highlight the most important professional achievements or things which link well to the job specification.
  • Contact colleagues or ex-colleagues and ask them about work achievements or projects which they feel were important or impressive during your time working together. This may inspire you or remind you of a particular professional achievement.
  • Use feedback or references to back your achievements and understand which achievements are considered key achievements by employers or peers. You can also use professional platforms such as LinkedIn to quote feedback from the recommendations section.
  • Don’t feel that you can’t choose to mention an achievement because it’s too small or insignificant. Sometimes listing achievements such as supporting a colleague during the process of a big achievement is worth more than you think. After all, this reflects teamwork and leadership.

How to write achievements on your CV

Achievements should be listed in a similar format to the rest of your CV. You can choose to title your achievement and write a short explanation underneath or alternatively, bullet point the most important elements of the achievement.

If you are short for space, you might find it more useful to write a sentence or bullet point per achievement.

Once you have created your list of achievements and are ready to write your achievements on your CV in an impacting way.

Remember: any achievement makes the cut; you decide.

The way you write achievements should consist of:

  1. The activity or thing that you did
  2. Involve the use of a skill or characteristic which helped to achieve or produce the outcome
  3. The result of your achievement

This combination of describing your achievements is a clear way of demonstrating the tools and skills needed to help achieve your final result, product or act which can help to highlight skills you possess which could be used for the job role.

Don’t worry about writing too much. Sometimes when things are very important to us, we elaborate or explain too much. This usually happens because we feel very passionate about the subject. Save your passion for the interview and let recruiters know just enough about your achievement to get you there!

There are various ways of learning how to write a CV and where to write or how to list certain elements. You can use CV building tools to help create a flawless CV which will help you to get through to interview stages.

CV achievement examples

If you’re wondering how you can write your achievements or your lacking inspiration, here are some CV achievement examples.

  • Led a website building project from start to finish, guided a team over the process of two years until completion and reached profitability.
  • Launched a marketing campaign which raised sales by 40% in the company.
  • Awarded employee of the month four times in a year at a company consisting of 200 people
  • Started a personalised fitness programme for a client and watched them fully rehabilitate physically after a serious injury within a period of six months.

Last modified on 15 October 2020

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